bob marley slogans

bob marley slogans

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:Haha! I'am the first! Yeh~

Thank you!

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  1. #24  TVEnergy

    Jah bless Bob …
    Jah bless Bob Marley, Yeah One Love

    10/03/03 04:19
  2. #23  SpravnakDan

    cant believe ..dont …
    cant believe ..dont know this track..

    10/03/03 04:19
  3. #22  64100Mat

    for ever you ll be …
    for ever you ll be my light at night jah rastafari.

    10/03/03 04:19
  4. #21  Dabdura7

    Bob Marley was at …
    Bob Marley was at least 5 centuries ahead of mankind with his mentality and thinking

    Truth Peace and Love

    10/03/03 04:19
  5. #20  sannedeeltwee

    nooo that smile i …
    nooo that smile i love it!!!!!!!!!

    10/03/03 04:19
  6. #19  sarsnaids

    I am very sick of …
    I am very sick of the sweet talk from the hypocrites

    10/03/03 04:19
  7. #18  fuckredboy


    10/03/03 04:19
  8. #17  karlspurs

    island records used …
    island records used too stand they are all just part of the machine..god bless you..and may god open your eyes..simon cowel cm no1

    10/03/03 04:19
  9. #16  trybixnyn

    you can take this …
    you can take this song from then to now and still remains timeless.

    10/03/03 04:19
  10. #15  tilex5

    We can’t take your …
    We can’t take your slogans ! NO MORE ! Watch what they do, watch what they make to us ! We don’T want of your atrocity on mother earth ! You killing us all ! You kill the uman race ! Politik kills !

    We want to Jam, not to die. We only want peace, go do your mountain hills war ande rat race on an other planet ! This one was giving to us by the almighty himself, but you are, again, ruining everything…

    Make me sick…

    10/03/03 04:19
  11. #14  fitsgt

    @SECgatorFAN if …
    @SECgatorFAN if they have a head they would have listend but the head God gave them looks as if it was put on the neck so it can carry it.

    10/03/03 04:19
  12. #13  GatorsNation

    I”m impressed with …
    I”m impressed with the fact that you scrolled a several comments to find me and respond to it. Generally, people don’t tend to do that, but you and I seem to. I like to hear the voices of opinion whether its agreed upon or not. I wish this man was still with us so bad so maybe his influences could be shared with the world much more than within his passing. Bob’s still here with his music and spirit, but it would be so much nicer to have him here in person. Jah Bless.

    10/03/03 04:19
  13. #12  ignoranzaa

    one love!
    one love!

    10/03/03 04:19
  14. #11  fringuellofelice

    He wash a profet… …
    He wash a profet….
    Greetings from Cosenza, Italy

    10/03/03 04:19
  15. #10  vicentemay

    Cant take ur …
    Cant take ur slogans no more usa…..sell ur spaceships and give the money to HAITI if u care that much…….god bless gayama and the united lies of america…

    10/03/03 04:19
  16. #9  SouLaRebeLs

    profet of peace.
    profet of peace.

    10/03/03 04:19
  17. #8  foureyes99

    Easy to see why …
    Easy to see why people think prophets still walk among us. Bob had a really powerful message, and the world is a better place for him having been alive.

    This music always moves me.

    10/03/03 04:19
  18. #7  SoonerPride01

    Everybody hates a …
    Everybody hates a winner (USA)

    10/03/03 04:19
  19. #6  teet316

    great video for …
    great video for this song

    10/03/03 04:19
  20. #5  zubnala

    happy birthday bob
    happy birthday bob

    10/03/03 04:19
  21. #4  TJnomadi

    the USA are not …
    the USA are not winners..maybe in their eyes they thought they were-but the world is seeing how they cheated..and bob knew it,lennon knew it,their truths caused their deaths..C.I WHO??

    10/03/03 04:19
  22. #3  habtonelove

    can’t take your …
    can’t take your slongans no more!
    big tune, big man with big hart ,and with big love, ever been on the stage Legend forever,,, One Love
    Jah bless this crazy world ,,

    10/03/03 04:19
  23. #2  manjicake

    lol @ the beginning …
    lol @ the beginning
    “Is that taping?”
    *giggles* – stoned off his baps, bless him lol

    10/03/03 04:19
  24. #1  infiniteifb

    @vicentemay na …
    @vicentemay na fukk dat haiti isnt america we need to stop tryin to be world police and focus on our own issues ….. real talk wer a billion dollars in debt and yall wanna make us feel guilty for not givin away to foreign countries ,,,,, if its such a big deal y duznt the rest of the world help out….. i noe…. cuz they r focused on their own country and keeping it running ..u feel me so dont go on america im jus a getto kidd but i noe …. i lisin ….. one love bob marley R.I.P

    10/03/03 04:19

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